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I actually received a lot of help through there. Thank you Paul, This is for Rachel. Professionals www. Hi Paul, Thanks for sharing your information. Cheers Marie. Great post, Paul. I have a couple of PDF e-books for sale on my website. Not sure how that works in with KDP select.

Anything you put on KDP cannot be on your blog or any other platform such as iBooks and Nook according to their rules. You can upload it, not have it on KDP, and still have it on both your blog and Amazon, but you will not get the promotion tools such as the 5 free days and for Amazon Prime members to borrow it. How do I upload it, not using the KDP select option….? Thanks Alexa. I talked to Amazon who told me you can have your books on your website while in the Select Program only if you are in their affiliate program and the book is available via one of their book widgets or a text link generated by their affiliate program.

So you can have them on your website or link to them in articles, ect. Hope that helps! Well done Paul! While many people are bemoaning the fact that it is now much harder to charge double digits for an ebook as we could just a few years ago, others are seeing opportunity. Just a few short years ago, the people who were most familiar with the ebook format were either internet marketers or their regular customers.

It was a limited audience in many respects. The steps you lay out here are right on target. There are so many businesses that can benefit from ebooks. I hope people will be inspired to open up their Pages or Word and get going! Thank you, Cheryl. I can definitely see the rise in eBooks and people using the technology they possess to access these eBooks. More readers. More reading. I have an ebook out there and it was kind of easy to format it to Kindle. The biggest hurdle comes with images you have attached, since they kinda need to be in certain format and for me reformatting all of them required the most effort.

Yes, I still had issues with my image. I recently downloaded Scrivener, a popular application among writers for its ability to generate a variety of e-book formats. Kindle e-books use MOBI format. Hoping for the best! Scrivener is pretty amazing for keeping organized and converting text.

I would recommend it to any writer. Calibre will allow you to convert a an epub file to Mobi or other formats and to also set a cover, and meta data — it will generate a complete ebook file you can upload to Amazon in a few moments — you can generate an epub file from Word using Aspose. You must know what settings to use in Calibre to generate an ebook from the resulting epub file. It takes just minutes to get a Word document ready for Kindle or Nook publishing using the two free programs.

I am focusing on my abstract paintings since moving permanently to Hawaii — so anybody who wants a free copy of my book just let me know where to send it and I will give you a copy. You can use Fiverr. I have formatted a word based ebook with 77, plus words in it and tons of images using these two programs and my special settings with perfect results.

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Hello David! Thanks for putting this out there. This sounds like a wonderful plan! I would like to learn more about how I can make this happen with your idea. I would love it if you could send me your ebook on Word to Kindle and Nook! A really great article, full of ideas and tips. You have saved me a lot of time with this info. Yes I agree! Awesome advice Paul! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this information out there to educate others!

Thanks a lot. Words can hardly express how grateful i am for this piece of info. I cant wait for the 21st of March to read your ebook. Thanks Adrian. You can download it tomorrow, I changed my promotion date because there was a tiny mixup, but no worries. I find that a lot of people get it under loan, then end up either buying the ebook or paperback for their libraries.

Have you seen a great number of borrowers? There may be many underlying factors, but have you seen an increase in borrowers? Thanks for this article. I found that publishing my first book to the Kindle was a fairly straightforward process. However, I my self made cover does not appear to be doing me any favors at this point.

I like the idea of the Kindle Owners Library. Readers just pay a subscription and they can borrow those books for no extra cost. It means that the writer can advertise to Amazon Prime subscribers, and they can check his book out without risk. Sounds like an interesting system. Yep, I love it. Although, the borrowing is only for people who physically own a Kindle device. You cannot borrow books through Kindle Reading App. Paul, Yes, the topic and details are great. However, I have to comment about the book you used for art at the top of this post.

Nor, is it your book. And neither she, nor her novel, were identified, despite being featured prominently. Thanks, Paul, for replying and considering the remarks. Good luck with your book and blogging. Becky, the post image is a promo graphic put out by Amazon to advertise the Kindle Touch, not an image from the Amazon page for the The Paris Wife which you can see is completely different.

Hi Brian, Thanks for the reply. And I understand this is the image Amazon put out to advertise the Kindle Touch. In full disclosure, Paula is a good friend. I am in the acknowledgements of the Paris WIfe. As I said in the initial post, I am thrilled for Paul and wish him much success with his e-book. Paul — thanks for this advice. You put a lot of work into this post which I appreciate as a fellow blogger. I have an ebook in my head but now I have to get out and write it. Question: what is your advice on pricing?

Honestly, when it comes to pricing, I say go with your gut feeling. It was my first eBook so I wanted to be fair and I wanted to test the waters. I could have put this as a newsletter subscription to my blog, but I wanted to experiment with different avenues. Hi Thanks for your amazing article! I am a book writer getting ready to do e-books.

How does BookBaby compare to Amazon? Thank you. If you enroll in KDP then you cannot have it anywhere else — not even on your blog. I hope this helps. BookBaby is a formatting and distribution service. You send them your file, and then they format and distribute it to the major players for you Amazon, iTunes, Nook, Sony Reader, etc. BookBaby charges for this service giving you much wider distribution , Amazon does not charge to upload a book to the Kindle store directly. Also my eBook is short so it may not be necessary, and most books allow the preview of the first few chapters.

Thanks for this added insight. I know I buy non-fiction but borrow fiction myself. Great article! You left out one very crucial step — editing. If you want to assert your authority, hire a professional editor to make your book as flawless as possible. I was also fortunate to have a friend with great editorial skills, but mainly it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes read over your work and usually being right next to them to hear what they read. I literally surfaced from a 60 minute writing burst on my ebook to see this post, Copyblogger needs to stop reading my mind!

The Complete Guide to Ebook Publishing Platforms

Yes, I agree people do have different preferences, but I do believe that Amazon is dominating in their market. It does depend on the audience and what not, but overall, with the right marketing, the right target audience in mind, as well as a strong platform, your eBook should get into the hands of your audience. One thing that really has helped me was guest posting for other sites; it still is the most highly effective way of marketing, building relationships, attracting new readers, and spreading the word of your eBook.

As a recent ebook author, I appreciate your post. Let me just add a couple points. In addition to knowing their audience, writers need to have a clear idea of their expertise and how it relates to their market. You should have a topic, and a working title, before you begin. Let me also suggest that writers also publish in paperback, which Amazon also lets you do through Createspace.

There will always be people who prefer reading this way. Plus you can sell them at speaking events. I published my ebook. They convert to all formats and distribute at no charge, though they do take a slice of the revenues, like Amazon does. I was also be offer free downloads, which are resulting in more reviews. As e-publishing pioneers, we should support each through advice like you did in this post. Check out my blog if you want to hear more about my experience.. Thanks, Paul. What you said is absolutely essential and important to consider, so thank you for that.

And thank you for your support, let me know how you like it. You packed a ton of great information in this. Thank you so much. I will use this post carefully to weigh my options and figure out where and how I am going to publish my book. Thanks Paul and good luck with your book! Great info, Paul. An e-book is in my near future probably this year and I will definitely be referring to this article! Was doing just fine — all geared up to go with an ebook in mind… until I got to points 5, 6 and onwards.

That sounds like real work, the writing bit is easy! This article will help get me started. I also need to look into the Kindle Select program more deeply. Thanks for sharing. Good to hear, Patrice. Definitely weigh your options and see what is best for you. My eBook has been up for 21 days and I have a total of downloads and purchase: Not bad. However, I would like to suggest someone devote a full post on vetting an idea for a book.

Worst case, as you noted, it can be outsourced. However, the process of shifting from blogger to book author is probably underestimated more often than not, yes? A kindle eBook is an eBook, period. Anything, really, in my opinion. Good food for thought. Also, many people have different motives to write. But, it is still very fairly new. I realized that PDF and newsletter subscription was a great way to sponsor and to attract subscribers, but for some reason I feel strongly about Kindle eBooks and reading apps readily available on multiple platforms cellphone, tablet, etc.

Pretty fonts stay intact by embedding them as images within the code and complex graphics, bullets, bolds, italics and other formatting issues that come up with anything besides straight plain text look fabulous when a proper eBook programmer converts it. Thank you for those kind words, Kristen. Hi Paul, Thanks for this guide. Do all these steps 9esp uploading, payment etc also work internationally, do you know? Thanks for your thoughtful and detailed post.

Writing my first-for-Kindle ebook and hoping to work out the kinks soon! Hey Salma, I believe this process should be usable internationally. Perfect timing for me as well as I am putting together my ebook on how to crowd fund a project on Kickstarter! It has a learning curve, but is really good for moving chapters and sections around which requires a different TOC, which is automatic in Jutoh , automating cover creation, internal and external links, fixing formatting issues, and auto-compiling and producing books for multiple formats — Kindle, Nook, iPad, others.

Worth a look. There is a free trial copy.

How to Publish an eBook for Free in 2018 (and beyond) - Step by Step Guide

Good luck, let me know how it goes. Good topic as well, I keep hearing that name everywhere. Paul, Thank you so much for this valuable content, you have just saved me a LOT of time and made the consideration of producing an eBook a lot more doable. Hearing this from someone who has been through the process is so valuable…. I could have stuck with PDF format because it looked simply amazing and used it as a blog subscription, but I wanted to try something else. So I enrolled in KDP. Get something down. Create the outline.

Brainstorm and write down notes. Ask around. Great, informative, and straight-to-the-point article Paul. By the way, guys, Jeff wrote my foreword to my eBook and he starts it off magnificently. More of a reason to read it. Hi Paul, thanks so much very helpful post. I am in the final stages of preparing to ship to Amazon.

So after 90 days you can sell your eBook through other avenues — blog, smashwords etc? If you decide to opt back in after 90 days, can you sell through other avenues? My advice is to opt out before the deadline. As someone who helps self-publishing on a daily basis, my advice is simple — pay for someone to convert your book. It is a service that we offer our writers, but only on their insistence.

We resisted offering it for months, but after many conversations it was clear that many writers were making mistakes they could have avoided. Self-publishers face immediate suspicion and extra attention from writers, they must, therefore, be amazing. This means a great cover, professional editing and, if you can afford it, professional ebook conversion. We are now regularly seeing writers selling between books a month. This might not be a huge number but it is a great base line number from which you can work out how much you can afford to spend on pre-production editing etc. Gary,I agree. I actually got my husband to get really really good at this and now he is doing the formatting and publishing for others, and of course he is doing all of my books.

It helps to do a professional publish because as you say,it is very important to make the right impression with our books. I am so happy that Amazon brought us the Kindle store. It is an amazing platform! Yep, I agree. Either take the time to master the tools and skills necessary to successfully format an eBook, or pay a professional to do that work for you so you can focus on other tasks. I have a friend learning this for me as well, and luckily, it came very easy to him. This is definitely an essential part of writing and self-publishing an eBook.

Thank you both for your insight. I cannot sell books looking like that so I pulled them from the program. I will probably have them professionally formatted at a later time. But when I then viewed them on the Buy page at Amazon. Mollie, I hope you discovered how to format your own ebooks from Word to Kindle and Nook, too. This can be done using a couple of free software programs so that your Kindle ebook looks exactly like it did in Word — I wrote a guide about this that is for sale on Amazon right now — but you can discover how to do this by searching YouTube, as well — there are some tutorial there that explain the process!

Molly, you can have perfectly formatted ebooks from Word using two free programs: Aspose. Calibre will convert your epub file to Mobi and many other formats and give you a file that can be uploaded to Amazon very easily. The process takes minutes. If you see errors, just edit your original Word document and run it through the process again! I will send you a free copy of my short guide about this it has screenshots if you tell me where to send it? My email address is: graysfamily yahoo. Once you find it, you then have to figure out what angle you need to come from to make them interested in what you are writing and in some instances that can be tricky.

Also, actually writing an ebook can be difficult for some people. You need to create an outline to stay on track. And you need to get really clear about what is going to be in the ebook and what is left for other ebooks down the road. And, if you find that you want to judge while writing, talk it instead!

One of the ways we have built our blog up to reaching countries and 60, hits between our 2 sites is to leave the article hanging when we write it.. The rest will be in the upcoming book. This is important to know if starting a blog.. Thanks Tamra Lynn Smith and best of luck to you all. Would kindle format allow it? Or do we have to include all content in that book? Yes hyperlinks work very well and it is actually a great feature so you can be resourceful to your readers. Paul, Great to see you here and awesome post.

A great mix of the high level and details. Thanks again for the great post! Thank you for this very helpful website. We are trying to get all our ducks in a row to publish our new book by May This process is a bit confusing and you have helped me a lot on this. I was dissapointed to see how much droid and apple apps are to create. This was going to be a critical step in jumping ahead. We have our blog and hitting 60, hits a month since Jan so I think we have a good base for our new book on relationships. Professor Thomas Nagle has been trying to get this book together for 15 years lol.

Visit us on tipsforlove. What do you think? Is 60, hits a month on a blog good enough to publish? I have not paid for advertising but instead used facebook and twitter to market this idea? Thank you kindly :From Tamra Lynn Smith. Deliver the value in your eBook, guest post to many places, spread the word of your work, and let the rest unfold; if your eBook is remarkable, then your readers will talk about and tweet it and so forth.

No, the beauty of self-publishing an eBook is you can do it without having to get it in print first. This allows you to control when and how you publish the eBook. Get that storybook out in digital form, then if the opportunity arises, get it in print as well. A very informative post, Thanks!

I wanted to find out if there are any risks as far as licensing and copyrighting if one published an ebook on Amazon. I mean, is it possible that someone might purchase your ebook, copy it and have it published and copyrighted under their own name? When uploading the book, you can claim it to be public domain work or not, and claim all the necessary publishing rights. Hi Paul, Another great, detailed post, packed with really useful information.

Would much appreciate your reply. Either way, keep up the great work! And thanks for replying so quickly! Much appreciated. Hey Paul, I gather from what I read that you are charging 99 cents for your ebook. The most likely reason that people are not borrowing the book is the price. Customers who are involved in the lending program get to choose the book they borrow each month. They usually choose a higher priced book to get for free.

This is what KDP members are doing — choosing the books they borrow by looking at the books they want and choosing the more expensive book as their borrowed book and buying the less expensive books. Good luck with your book! Thanks for the info. I appreciate you providing this so it can help the readers understand better on how the borrowing system works.

Hey Paul, Thanks for posting the comment and your reply. I hope it helps your readers. Paul, Could you explain how I can have a main blog and 3 additional bogs all on the same website. Could this be a child relationship? Thank you, Boyd. What I have seen is a website have the image of a logo on their site — maybe on the footer or the sidebar — that redirects the audience to that site.

All the sites say that to make your eBook a success, you should start marketing before you publish. Create a site and start blogging before your work is published to get a head-start on getting readers. Does that make sense?

Christina, That is what I am doing right now. Establishing a website blog and loading it up with info. Some from my book and some that I may use later. What type of book are you writing? Great, thanks. I wrote a few short books about easy baking, 52 tips for Teens and a few other craft ones. I believe building a platform first and then using it to launch your book is an excellent and well-thoughtout idea. For example, Copyblogger provides insight on publishing, writing, blogging, marketing, and so forth. Their product varies from WordPress themes and tools used within.

Paul, so much great information here like others said. I find out that even though I have paid WSOs and diff paid ebooks on amazon kindle publishing, I find out that this free guest post is enough for anyone to get started in the kindle publishing system. While many things has changed, there are still many things working in making high sales on Amazon. If you have a long term plan for your book like I have for my upcoming trilogy using the KDP select will be a good thing — if you need your money so fast then you use the normal way, sell and make money.

If one has a platform as well, it is going to be a good avenue to always make good sales like Armanda and Jeff has done with their blogs. So Paul, do you have any new figure as to how your ebook went? I will like to read your latest experience. You could also work with a family member or friend that you feel has the skills you need. That person will be a little bit more critical, but will help your bit be better overall.

Did you know that your Kindle eBook can also act as a lead generation tool? You can use Link Whisper to:. Build better internal links with Link Whisper. If someone is interested in your free offer, they will click the link, go to your opt-in page, and give you their email address. Clicking the link will take you to an opt in page where Nick is collecting email addresses. This is smart indeed! When a reader decides to click on the link, they are taken to a LeadPages capture form. Being able to build leads AND make sells is one of the beautiful things about this business.

Not all of these are able to be given away for free, but many of them are. The best option is to write something up yourself or create some other kind of free gift video, course, or anything enticing to your audience. People DO choose books based on their covers sometimes, so you need to make sure yours looks professional. Luckily, there is no need to learn Photoshop and do everything yourself. Your book needs to be in the special Kindle format. However, if you really want to learn the steps for formatting your book to the Kindle format, you can go to the official Amazon Kindle Simplified Formatting Guide Here.

You will list your book at kdp. I think its important to put some time and thought into your title and book description before you actually start uploading anything. In fact, you have up to characters to give both a more in-depth description of your book and entice the potential reader with the benefits they will receive after reading your book.

Unfortunately, when I look at some books on Amazon, many of them only have a sentence or two under their book description. And they are often not very good! You need to focus this message on the reader, how will this book benefit them? You will also want to format your book description so that it looks good. Amazon has a good resource on what HTML is supported right here.

This is the author or authors of the book. This could be your real name or a pen name. I used a pen name on my first book. Next, you will need to select the categories that your book most accurately fits into. This can take a little bit of hunting around to find the perfect fit, but you should find a category that works well for your book. The only strategy here is to pick the the category that targets your books subject matter as much as possible. Amazon allows you to input up to 7 keywords or keyword phrases that your book will show up for.

Your book will also naturally show up for other keyword searches just depending on how well your book is performing and other factors. Although for keywords that your really want to show up for, you probably should have them in your description and as a selected keyword. But what keywords do you target? It can take some time to learn all the ins and outs, but a great way to start is to use the auto complete function on Amazon as suggested by this great article on GoodReads. You can think of a few phrases people might type in to find a book about saving money.

Long Tail Pro is easy to use and helps you to organize the data. Obviously the search volume is different on Amazon, but it can give you an idea of what terms are searched for more than others. As you get more advanced, you can go a step further and actually figure out how competitive these keywords are on Amazon. If all the keywords you select are extremely competitive you might end up on page 50 or 60 because the first page results are dominated by best selling books with hundreds of reviews.

How to Put Free Ebooks on Your Amazon Kindle

But just take a deep breath and remember: you can change your keywords at any time. Click here to try Publisher Rocket. Try publisher rocket to boost your amazon sales If you enroll your book in the Amazon Kindle select program which you probably should , you are allowed up to 5 free days every 90 days. This is the strategy the Steve Scott and Nick Loper recommend. Listing your book for free should help you climb to the top of a few categories within Amazon. People love free stuff, so your book will get downloaded.

After the first 5 days, your book should be performing well if all goes according to plan again, see below. As you can see, our free period did very well. The blue line is Kindle Unlimited and Kindle borrows. Here I discuss:. Click here to learn how to start your own income generating niche site. Start your own niche site today. The next few steps of the process are all about how to launch your book during that free period to make sure you pick up the momentum you need to perform well when your price goes up.

The first step is very simple. If you have an audience on an email list, tell them about your book! This is going to be the best way to get initial downloads and reviews. Reviews are so important for your book to do well. Get more book reviews and your book should perform better. Get more high ratings and your book should perform better. Conversely, if your book starts getting lots of negative reviews, your book will not perform as well.

In addition, a Verified Purchase review is more valuable than a review from a non-verified purchaser. This is why getting reviews during the free period can be so advantageous. Someone that goes through and downloads your book during the free period is still considered a verified purchaser! Getting as many as 20 reviews during the free period would be excellent! The more the better. You should have at least 10 to 15 friends or family members that you can ask to download and review your book.

So after, the first few days we already had 15 reviews! Reaching out to both Facebook groups and relevant blogs can be a good way to jump start downloads of your book. Did you know that there are websites out there that do nothing but list and promote free Kindle eBooks?

The websites accept submissions from people, so you should let them know your book is free! Sarah at SarkEmedia. You can do the submissions yourself, or you can hire someone from FancyHands. We used FancyHands, it it worked out very well. Finally, there are also tools out there that can help you submit even faster and to more sites.

This free period is your chance to really get on the map! You need to utilize all the marketing avenues that you can to help give your book the best chance of ranking well in Amazon naturally. Once you start ranking naturally in Amazon and if you book truly is valuable to readers, you should continue to sell well once you switch from free to paid.

For example, Perrin and I were able to contact someone in our niche that we knew had a large email list and we simply asked them if they would tell their audience about our free Kindle book. They agreed.

The Complete Guide to Ebook Distribution

That was done to drive up the free downloads on the last day, but to also get some sales for those people on the email list that missed the free download deadline. We were clearly getting lots of free downloads before this email went out, but the last day was definitely our biggest free day. See this chart:. Here is a list of the top reviewers on Amazon. Some people want their books in digital format and others want the physical printed book.

The printed version can also create a nice price anchor to help your kindle version look like a better deal. This is an age old marketing tactic. So, the only purpose of creating a print version of your book is not to only sell printed copies. A big reason is to make your Kindle price look like a better deal and sell more copies of the Kindle version.

As you go forward, you should test and tweak pricing on both the printed and kindle version. I have been told by multiple successful self-publishers that the real scale of this business comes when you start releasing additional books. Readers of your first book will start to browse your author page and your additional book titles. The more quality books you have, the more likely that your current buyers will be interested in something else you have written as well.

This can take a year or two to build up a significant library; however, the business potential is very real. Perrin and I have already sat down and brainstormed our next book. We expect to launch our second book in the next 30 days. But looking back, I wish I had known someone who could have mentored me more. Even though it ended up fine, I could have done so much better if I had known someone like that. I now have a book that has been selling on Amazon for over 2 years.

I followed the 23 steps outlined above to publish and promote this book. However, since that time, I have not done anything to promote it. I was surprised to login to the KDP Select platform and see that my self-publshed book is still making sales! Overall, Perrin and I are extremely happy with the success of our best selling Kindle eBook.

Is the success of our first book out of the ordinary? But did we follow some very specific steps as outlined above to try and achieve exactly what we did? The business potential of becoming a self published author on Amazon is very real, and hopefully some of you are able to achieve the same kind of success that we are currently seeing as well. I would love to hear any comments or questions that you might have below. If you want to write and sell your own book on Amazon, I have one piece of advice for you above all others.

Our total investment for the book was a few hundred dollars plus the time we spent in writing it. If you have a dream to write a book or start a business that can provide you with passive income, the publishing niche is a good one. There are even guys and gals out there who publish full time on Amazon KDP. The opportunity is there, you just have to seize it.

When I did the research for my book, I used Publisher Rocket. This tool helped me to find popular keywords with low competition. Once the book was published, Rocket helped me nail down keywords for the description so I showed up even more in search results. Without it, I would never have hit my goal.

Thanks Steve! The book is about 13, words long. All of the content was written by Perrin or I we both have a lot of experience in the field. You both have a lot of experience? Thanks Justin…I really wanted to try and do this under the radar to show that it really can be done without an audience. I already have a topic in mind I could leverage for this.

Thanks Philip. I think you should indeed start writing :. If its selling well, expand the business to udemy. This is a fantastic post — in fact it is almost an ebook in itself! Great case study, Spencer! I just launched my first book 10k words yesterday and will see the result. Thank you for your ebook promoting tips! Great case study…shared so much detail it is really helpful! Not in the cards for me right now but possibly in the future and if so thanks for creating such a great resource!

Will refer people here when they ask about Amazon and Publishing EBooks. Writing a book and publishing on Amazon may be easy but getting more sales to your Amazon ebooks is not at all an easy task and it requires a lot of patience and time for you to understand how things actually work. Creating content for your ebook becomes much easier than you think and also you can target the right people to promote your ebooks to make more sales in the long run through Amazon. That is just awesome.

But now i see the potential. With my business plans already set for the upcoming year and now THIS i can already see that is gonna be exciting. Thanks Juanita! Thanks for this great post! A lot of useful information, very detailed and action oriented. I was skeptical about it but now I am actually quite interested! After Apennyshaved, there were like 20 sites with the same Splash theme about same razors. But with shitty content. My original plan was to use the eBook to help build my list as a free incentive for a brand new website. Knowing what you know now….

I know this would depend on the determining factors such as demand as you have pointed out above. But you have the unique insight into both methods. Awesome resource Spencer — thanks so much. How are your reviews running now in terms of stars? Steve Scott talks about not worrying so much about reviews, but they are important. Thanks again! Thanks for the rich information! I have experience creating audio books — read along juvenile and audio only. Do you know if the eBook format, Kindle or other, can be employed successfully for this type of product?

Happy to be on your mailing list. I do know that you can sell audio versions of your book side by side with the kindle versions. Perhaps its worth taking your audios and creating a text kindle version. Impressive post Spencer! That actually got me thinking about publishing my own book. Thanks Sebastian! Actually the next podcast will be with Brian Dean from Backlinko. Ah great, Brian always has some great insights into linkbuilding and general SEO stuff.

Looking forward to the podcast! Just incredible guys! A tight, succinct and detailed look at getting your first book published on Amazon. I love it…. Thanks Brett! This post is awesome! Do you use separate amazon accounts for your books and affiliate? I was just wondering if I should keep it all in one or make them separate. Actually, they are already on separate platforms. Thanks so much for all the great info Spencer.

One question I have for you is how long did it take you to from the point you decided to write your book till was published and successful? Thanks Chris. The entire process from idea to launch was really not that long. I believe it took us around 3 months from idea to launch; however, a lot of that time was just us putting the book on the back burner as we worked on other projects. We have already started our second book, and we expect the entire process from idea to launch to take about 30 days now that we know what we are doing. Potential authors will definitely be able to succeed following the steps outlined above.

The most important? Topic selection and a great cover! I agree…topic selection and a great cover are vitally important. Glad you enjoyed the post! Man this is really great. But by putting just a little more effort into it and trying to actually write something good, look what you can do! Build leads, get traffic, make money, and give great info as well. Thanks a lot guys once again for your amazing case studies! Yep, we are a bit blown away as well. The idea with the book initially was really to just be a lead generation tool, with the hopes that we might sell a few copies.

Well, now we are selling so many copies that we are re-directing a lot of resources to expand our Kindle business. I have 10 Kindle books published under pen names over 2 years. All 10 bring in money every month but 5 turned out to be winners. All I do now is set up a promo each week for one of the books.

Free Kindle promos are o. I use some of the free services you mentioned. Whenever possible, I use paid promos that let you use your current book price or a discounted price. But free promos are helpful when you have a new book. Thanks for the great tips Sandy! Very cool that you are now essentially always able to be in promotion mode with your books…great idea.

I can see huge potential there…fantastic strategy. Hi Spencer. Out of curiosity, are your books Fiction or Non Fiction? I have been hesitant to try these paid promos, but I think I should experiment! Its been said a few times already, but awesome post. This is pretty in-depth case study that will help tons of folks go craddle to grave and launch their first Ebook! Knowing the success your seeing with this Ebook related to your new Authority site, are you thinking about going back and creating Ebooks for any of your other existing niche sites A Penny Shaved, the sites you purchased in , etc… or is this more of a tool you see moving forward as you create new online assets?

We could write several dozen books in this niche and still not have tapped out all the potential. So, we plan on sticking with our one website, one niche, and just dominating and growing it for the long term. Great post! Congrats on your ebook success! One question, do you need to deal with sales tax on the ebooks?

That is probably different in all 50 states. Does Amazon help with this? Seems like it would be a big pain…. HUGE post and congrats on the success of the launch! Great Post Spencer! I was actually surprised when I read the post title about Kindle because you usually share stuff before trying.

However, keep it coming. Congrats on the success guys! Ever since I first heard a Steve Scott interview I have been mulling over launching a series of e-books. I think you guys finally threw some gas on the fire for me to get going! Hoping to launch my first titles in Definitely flagging your email to this post for future reference! Sounds good Russ! I think you just need to pull the trigger and go through the process. Great job! Most groups allow you to set up an event and message the members to invite them to your book party. When I do mine I do extra prize draws for people who leave reviews, random winners from people who comment — anything to drive activity and visibility to my book.

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When I did that I got an extra downloads, but it was a good afternoon of work. Thanks for stopping by Sarah! I was more than happy to link to your site…has a lot of great resources that people should check out. And thanks for sharing the additional tips on book parties and ads on Facebook. Lots of great ideas for people to get more exposure to their books.

Sometimes a complimentary review that mentions a mild negative, can be more powerful than a gushing complimentary one. Is seems more honest because it is. Hi Sarah! Any resources on how to get the most downloads for your buck? I just hit publish and will have my free days start in about 8 days, and would love to get those results.

Probably next to spamming Google to death, Amazon is just 2nd in line with fake reviews all over the place. Would you buy a book that does not have reviews? There is a ton of info about well known authors that payed thousands of dollars for getting sales in the thousands. This post may help you in identifying how many books one can sell based on their rank. Thanks for that resource. We simply reached out to people we knew who might like the book my Aunt works in our field, for instance and asked for an honest review.

I agree…I would never recommend people buying reviews or otherwise trying to game the Amazon system. Spencer, and Perrin, I hate to be repetitious, but just have to echo the sentiments of the earlier comments. I still enjoy muddling around with affiliate marketing and am earning monthly pocket money as an Amazon Associate. Your informative article shows it can be done.

You guys have obviously considered each of these avenues during your research. Without disclosing your niche, could you suggest which is best for the rank beginner to tackle first, fiction or non-fiction? So who knows! Great post guys, excellent strategies. And very timely for me as well, I hope to have my book out in the next few days and have been following Steve Scott since I heard him on your podcast.

Thank you again, Spencer and Perrin, for a wonderful case study and inspiration. You guys are awesome! Yes, the sales have held up. I posted a couple of screenshots in the blog post above showing the sales through Mid-December. Good suggestion. Is there a way to create a pen name? Yes, you can create a new pen name for different niches.

Spencer, thanks for this post! I like the step-by-step method. Is there an approval process for each kindle book you publish or all get accepted? And can you just start making a kindle ebook with any amazon account or do they vet you first before allowing you to upload your book? There is no real approval process. As long as the book is in the correct kindle format you will be able to upload it successfully.

Its basically instant approval. They do not vet you, just open your Kindle account and supply your basic information name, address, tin, etc and you are all set. I started out using some free promo for my eBooks, but now I use mostly Amazon sponsored ads and paid promo. I do post to a few FB groups and use Twitter, but the Amazon sponsored ads with relevant keywords seem to work best for my novels.

I alternate monthly sales and freebies with my series books. I sometimes have sales with other authors. The key is having a lot of books out there. Good, well-written books with great covers and excellent cover and backcover copy. Right now I have 12 indie-pubbed novels on Amazon, with one non-fiction book on writing.

BookBub ads are great if you can get one. I do upload books into the Kindle format using a Word. Also, the Kindle Unlimited program pays according to the amount of money in their fund. My other projects are doing so well at the moment but will try to get into this business probably next year. Excellent blog post and very informative.

Thank you so much! I love all the information you provide. Great post and I also leaned on Nick and Steve a lot during my launch in October. They were extremely helpful as was a few others. I did miss moving it first to. BUT the earnings almost double at least they did for us , which is awesome!

Thank you guys! Thanks for this great resource! I have been drafting ideas for a book for some time now, so this will be a great opportunity to make it official and submit it on Amazon. I see no way for your pen name to be tracked to you personally.

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Amazon would of course privately know your real name, but no one publicly would. This is an outstanding post. Really through. I used a very similar launch strategy to this even getting similar free download levels…kind of let it be after that and my paid ranking has dived so now I need to give it some love again. Thanks Nick! Hittail is different than Long Tail Pro…I believe hit tail mostly gathers data from your webmaster tools. Long Tail Pro generates new keyword ideas on for any niche you want to research. Awesome job guys. A simply fantastic, and in depth, write up.

Thanks for all the mentions here. Now I have 2 places to send people when they email me asking what they need to do to make their first Amazon book successful. Which can take a ton of time. Congrats on the solid work. A bunch of questions: How much have you invested? Specifically — how much have you paid for FancyHands. I understand the monthly plan model; how many gigs it consumed? Did you check out freebie sites which actually have posted your promo? The amount of money spent was covered in the blog post. Yep, I know there will be copy cats from people researching on Amazon no matter what…but when you have a large audience like mine, with almost all of them being entrepreneurs, I am indeed preventing lots of additional copy cats by not revealing.

Small question how many hours do you think it took you to write your first book? We probably spent about 15 hours writing the book; but Perrin writes very fast and is highly skilled…so for others it could take much longer. Thanks spencer, This is really inspirational and motivational. After you and perrin announced your resignation from the expired domains and all blackhat or any hat techniques i also decided to make a turn over.

I listened to that podcast you and perrin did which was a little bit emotional. However along these road to a new beginning, i think this post shows your seriousness.